These neat and colorful evergreen shrubs are ideal for a sunny border, providing summer flowers and year-round foliage. Compact types work well in containers or as border edgings, while larger types can be grown as hedging. The flowers are attractive to bees.

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Hebes need poor, well-drained soil in an open, sunny situation. Ignore the usual advice to incorporate compost when you plant shrubs and don’t give them an annual feed. Too rich a soil will encourage weak, lax growth that will be susceptible to frost damage. If you have heavy soil, digging lots of horticultural grit into the area before you plant will increase the likelihood of your hebe thriving. Hebes do not like cold wind, so try to plant them in a sheltered area.
Many varieties of hebe are eminently suitable for growing in containers because the majority not only produce flowers but also have interesting foliage.


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