Peace Lily


Peace Lilies thrive in locations with moderate to bright, indirect light conditions, however they have been known to adapt well to lower light levels.

Water once a week.

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Peace lilies are one of the most common houseplants because they’re fairly easy to grow and beautiful, too!

Peace lilies are tropical, evergreen plants that thrive on the forest floor, where they receive dappled sunlight and consistent moisture. Replicating these conditions in the home is the key to getting your peace lily to be happy and healthy.

Apply a weak dose of a liquid fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.

These lilies are mildly toxic if eaten. Keep away from children and animals.

Repotting annually in the spring is good for the peace lily, as the plant will appreciate the refreshed soil.

Eventually, the peace lily may grow too large for its pot, at which point it can be divided. Remove the plant from its pot and split it into smaller plants, being sure to leave several leaves per clump. The peace lily grows from rhizomes, so it can tolerate a bit of tough treatment during dividing.

When it comes to watering, consistency is key. Keep the soil moist, but do not overwater. Peace lilies can tolerate short periods of dry soil, but their leaves will start to brown if neglected for too long.


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