Tulip Red Riding Hood


A large double red head with beautifully mottled leaves. Height 25cm. Flowering March/April

Rate of growth: average

Hardiness: fully hardy

Plant in half-shade

Plant in full sun

Suitable for containers

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Planting & Growing Instructions

Plant bulbs in well dug soil about 8-10cm deep and approx 15cm apart. It is often beneficial to use a little bonemeal or super phosphate mixed in with the soil. Tulips delight during their growth in a sunny location.

Cultural Instructions

These chunky dwarf tulips are perfect for a sunny, well-drained rockery or a large patio container. After flowering they may be left in the ground for several years, unlike other varieties that need to be lifted and stored. Grows to 20cm.

From August to November plant the bulbs 10-15cm deep and 10-15cm apart in a sunny spot with fertile, well-drained soil. While actively growing, keep them moderately well watered and remove the flowers after they have faded. At that stage a balanced liquid fertiliser can be applied each week for 4 weeks before they die down.



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