Passiflora caerulea


Passiflora are suitable for planting in moderately fertile soil, in full sun or partial shade.
Height Up To 1000cm (393.7in)
Spread Up To 200cm (78.7in)


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A really exotic-looking plant, with large white flowers and central filaments of purple, blue and white from July to September, followed by egg-shaped, orange-yellow fruit. The leaves are pretty, too; deeply lobed, dark green and glossy. This blue passion flower is a vigorous, trouble-free climber that thrives in hot summers and will quickly cover a sunny wall or fence. Ideal for a tropical planting scheme, it grows best at the base of a sheltered wall in full sun, although it will tolerate some shade. The fruit are edible when fully ripe, but not very tasty!
For best results grow Passiflora caerulea in moist but well-drained soil against a sheltered wall in full sun. Prune back in early spring if necessary. It may need winter protection in northern regions.


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