Pansy Matrix Mixed


Huge flowers in dazzling colours from January right up until June!

Spectacular, lightly scented flowers in a mixture of vibrant yellows, reds, oranges and purples.

Banish the winter blues by filling your pots, hanging baskets and borders with brightness.

Flowers will stand up to the worst of winter rain and wind and always look good.

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A breakthrough in modern Pansy breeding, these large flowering Pansies have been proven to give outstanding performance for maximum satisfaction in both beds and borders and patio containers. Easy to grow. This series retains pansies’ wonderful cold tolerance, but when the weather is hot and older varieties of pansies become floppy with few blooms, the Matrix pansies will tend to remain well branched, squat and floriferous. Also, the petioles (stems that hold the flowers) don’t become overly stretched, so the flowers remain upright and beautifully displayed. These new pansies are beautiful and tough, requiring virtually no maintenance other than regular watering and a bit of fertiliser and should continue to look great all year. The colour range is fantastic too.

When planting make sure they have an area that has plenty of sunlight or at the most only partly shaded as the flowers will grow towards the sunlight.
Try and plant your pansies around 15cms apart keeping the base of the stem at soil level.
Careful attention to the pruning of pansies will help them grow for longer, when the flower starts to fade then take the head off to encourage more flowering.



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