Munstead lavender


Munstead lavender is highly popular for many reasons. It is compact and grows slowly, so it fits even into small gardens and can be grown in containers.
Its sweet scent makes it one of the best lavenders for both potpourris and sachets as well as for cooking.
In short, if you want a multi-purpose culinary lavender that is hardy, fragrant, and attractive, Munstead is the way to go.

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Growing to a height of only 30-40cm and a spread of 50-60cm they can be planted en-masse to produce ground cover/low screening or in lines to create a great border effect. They can also be planted in containers to be enjoyed out on the patio or used as cut-flowers to be enjoyed either fresh or dried within the home. Lavender are great pollinators attracting both bees and butterflies into the summer garden.

To propagate from an existing plant, cut healthy shoots of about six inches in length. Remove the lower leaves and dip the cut ends in rooting hormone powder.
Plant the cuttings in a pot filled with potting soil and keep them well-watered in a partially shady location until you see new growth.


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