lampranthus tresco brilliant


A low-growing succulent that has small plump grey-green leaves with an abundance of vibrant daisy-like flowers in the most eye-catching bright pink iridescent magenta shade with a pin-cushion yellow central eye.

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Lampranthus is a genus of succulent plant indigenous to southern Africa. They can be ground as ground cover or even trailing plants. Lampranthus thrive in sunny positions with well drained soil. Their flowers open in the sunshine.

‘Tresco Brilliant’ is a cultivated form of Lampranthus with fleshy green leaves andfuchsia red daisy type flowers.

They can usually take winter weather down to minus 5.

Height 30cm / 12″.

They make good pot subjects for colder gardens, to be brought under cover in deepest winter.


By cuttings: Cuttings are best done in summer. Take cuttings of shoot tips, 5-10cm long, strip the lower leaves and keep on a bench few a few hours for a protective skin to form over the cut. Then place cuttings into pots of damp sand or sandy soil and keep in a coldframe until roots are formed.  Cutting take easily with little care and attention.



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