Hyacinthus Jan Bos per bulb


‘Prepared’ for growing indoors

Flowering Time (December-February)

Suitable for containers



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Planting & Growing Instructions

For indoor cultivation of prepared or top sized hyacinth bulbs you should plant in fibre, and keep in a cool dark cupboard for 6-8 weeks. Water when required to ensure that the fibre is not allowed to dry out. The cooler they are stored, the longer the bulbs will last. They can be taken into the room and placed in daylight only when the roots have been well established and buds appear.

Cultural Instructions

Prepared Hyacinth can be in flower as early as Christmas. These Hyacinth are specially treated in a way that makes them very suitable for early forcing. They should be planted or boxed directly upon arrival. Best planted in bulb fibre in containers with drainage holes, or forcing jars with a narrow neck, ensuring the bulbs sit about a quarter of an inch above the water. The plants roots will dangle in the water, but not the acutal bulb itself. For best results a cool windowsill is ideal, then the flowers will not extend or lean too far out of shape . Check the fibre every week or so to check the compost has not dried out.

Using gloves plant bulbs close together (but not touching), into shallow bowls containing bulb fibre, so their tops are just above the surface of the compost. After potting up, they will need a cool, dark period, which will encourage root growth, so pop them into a black bin liner and leave in the shed or garage. Check them occasionally to make sure the compost does not get too dry, and water them when necessary. When the growing shoot is about 5cm tall, take it out of the bag and bring the pot inside to a cool room away from direct sunlight until the leaves turn green. Afterwards they can be moved closer to the window, but if possible keep them away from central heating radiators. After they have finished flowering they can be planted outside in the garden, where they will flower again (in March or April) the following year.


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