Gaillardia Burgunder


Cut back after flowering to maintain compactness.

Blanket flower ‘Burgunder’ is a typical cottage garden perennial that magically attracts bees and butterflies with its red flowers that are above-average in size.
The foliage is green, slightly hairy, lanceolate and pinnate. Its habit is clumping and it grows up to 40 cm high. It belongs to the larger varieties of its type.

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The brilliant big flowers of the ‘Gaillardia Burgunder’ produce rich ruby red petals with red stained yellow centres that stand above deciduous bushy foliage. The Daisy-like flowers are compact and hardy reaching a mature height of just 30cm. Attractive to pollinators such as butterflies they will add a pop of colour to patio containers, rockeries and the front of garden borders. Preferring to be planted in full sun, they will flower from June through to October. Plant alone or alongside contrasting Gaillardia to create a colourful feature within the garden.


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