Dahlia Megastar


  • Suitable for planting in sunny locations
  • Suitable for growing in pots and containers
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Flowering time July-November
  • Green foliage
  • Orange flowering


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Dahlia Megastar is a stunning decorative dahlia variety that produces huge bicoloured white and orange flowerheads. This impressive bloom flowers from July until first frost, making it a worthy investment for your summer displays. Dahlia ‘Megastar’ grows up to 90cm tall and is truly a sight to see when fully bloomed.

Plant Size

Mature Height 90 cm
Mature Spread 20 cm
Plant Spacing 20 cm
Annual Growth 90 cm

Soil Type Well drained/light soil

Planting & Growing Instructions

Water once a week at the base of the plant so that the water reaches the root.Dahlias are the perfect plant for gardeners that are new to intermediate in skill. They’re easy to plant, grow, maintain, and look incredible once bloomed which makes all the effort worth it! First off, locate a sunny spot in your garden where they will receive the most sunlight

Although dahlias aren’t candidates for the best winter plants for pots and borders, yes, you can leave dahlias in pots over winter. … If you can move your pots inside, into a cool but frost-free, dark and dry place – like a garage, unheated greenhouse or shed – then do so.

Dahlia tubers can be started into growth in March or April in pots undercover, and then planted out in the garden in late May and June.

Start by half-filling a 2 or 3 litre pot with peat-free multi-purpose compost. Place the tuber in the pot with the central stem upwards and cover with more compost. Don’t forget to label and lightly water the pot, then place it somewhere warm and frost-free – a greenhouse is ideal. Don’t water again until they start to shoot, and even then only water lightly.

After 2-3 weeks, shoots will start appearing – some varieties may take a little longer. As these shoots grow, pinch out the tips of the main shoot (you can use a sharp knife or a squeeze between your thumb and forefinger), down to the top pair of leaves.

As the plant starts to grow further, remove all but five shoots sprouting from the tuber. This will feel harsh, but by having only five stems, this will allow each stem to develop, grow strong and vigorous, and the result is lots of flowers!



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