Aquilegia Blue Barlow


Flowers For Cutting/Drying
Suitable for Container

In winter your Aquilegias will completely die back and in spring you’ll see the first signs of their green foliage growing through the soil.

If you don’t deadhead your aquilegia plants, they will stop flowering earlier, and you will not be able to enjoy the lovely blooms for as long.

While the foliage is beautiful too, with those pretty, graceful leaves, many people grow the plants to enjoy the flowers, so don’t forget to remove old flower heads.


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These glorious pom-pom like double headed flowers hold striking deep blue, almost purple coloured petals that are a stunning introduction to any garden. The dense spiky petals are held like an eagles claw hence the name, Aquilegia, (Aquila is eagle in Latin). Flowering from June to July, these unusual hardy perennials are ideal border plants, held on upright, leafy stems above a base of glaucous bushy foliage.
 Height 45cm. Flowers June to July.


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