Allium Art


3 bulbs in a 17cm pot
Bulbs 50p each

Allium ‘Art’ is an extraordinary allium variety, lauded for its uniquely shaped flower heads in a wonderful shade of purple. This unusual allium bulb will be the perfect conversation piece throughout the summer months due to its bud-shaped flowers. Flowering from May through to June, Allium ‘Art’ is the perfect addition to any garden display. Grows to an average height of 50cm when fully matured.

Flowering Time (May – June)

Suitable for containers

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Planting & Growing Instructions

Plant in fertile well drained soil at approx 10cm-15cm apart and at a depth of roughly 3 to 4 times the size of the bulb.

Cultural Instructions

Leave untouched for a number of years until the bulbs have multiplied to the extent that flowering potential is impeded.

Planting in containers: Place a layer of stones or gravel at the bottom of a large container in order to aid drainage. Fill the container with bulb compost to approximately 20cm below the rim. Place bulbs approximately 5-8cm apart ensuring the tips face up. Fill the container to about 3cm from the top of the rim making sure to firm the compost between the bulbs. Water just enough to settle the soil.


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