Deadhead spent blooms to prolong flowering and either cut back blooms in autumn or leave the seedbeds in situ for the birds. Lift and divide congested clumps every three years, in autumn or spring.


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Achilleas, or yarrows, are traditional border perennials. They have long been valued for their feathery foliage and the beautiful, flat-topped flowers that bloom right through the summer months. But in recent years, they have become fashionably popular, used widely in perennial and wildlife planting schemes.

There are many cultivars and colours to choose from, ranging from white and yellow to shocking pink and the flat flower heads make the perfect landing platform for pollinators, particularly hoverflies.

Easy to grow herbaceous plant that likes any well-drained garden soil. Plant in full sun or semi-shade. Tolerates dry conditions. Do not plant in soil that can become waterlogged.

Plant pot grown plants from October to march in a sunny position, in a well drained soil. Best planted in groups of three or five to form a drift of colour.

Great for mixed borders and cottage gardens. Contrasts well with other herbaceous plants, especially if planted in mid-border drifts. Also good for wild and informal gardens and an ideal choice for gravel gardens or raised beds. Dwarf kinds are useful for the rock garden.

Most varieties provide good ground cover but some types can become invasive.


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